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Quick Tour of a Few Lots Available at Brisas

We were the first to build our home at Brisas, a small community in Northern Nicaragua, and we’re looking for good neighbors! Here’s a quick tour of a few of the lots still available. Advertisements

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Video Tour of the New House

We are six months into building our new 2 bedroom 2 bath house in Northern Nicaragua at Brisas Del Alma in Aposentillo, and it’s just about done! All we’re missing is a few little details that should be complete within … Continue reading

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Brisas House Progress in Late April

After four months of construction, we have walls completed to roof height, the roof of the bodega is finished, and we’re starting to install the alfajias (rafters) that will hold the roof of the main house. It’s the end of April. The … Continue reading

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30% off the next two sea view lots sold!

Starting Feb. 1, the owner of Seascape has decided to offer a promotion- 30% off the next two lots sold. These lots were already a great deal- 1/2 acres with sea view, power and water to the lots already in … Continue reading

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Our Caretaker’s House at Brisas Del Alma

Ok, I know you can barely see the house in this picture, but it’s just such a classic shot of me telling the dogs that they cannot eat our caretaker’s pet squirrel “Simon” (named for one of the chipmunks). You … Continue reading

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Planting Non-GMO Corn and Beginning to Build at Brisas

We are the proud owners of Lot #22 at Brisas Del Alma in Aposentillo, Northern Nicaragua. Since buying our lot a few months ago we’ve started making some improvements. The fence and some tree planting came first. Now we’ve hooked … Continue reading

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Drilling a Deep Well in Nicaragua

We’re in the process of installing infrastructure for a small 16 lot housing development in northern nicaragua called Tierra Del Sueno. In order to provide water for the development we decided to drill a community well at the top of … Continue reading

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Digging a Well in the Sand

If you happened to notice our post from a couple of months ago, we bought a beachfront concession lot in North Nicaragua. To catch up on that dramatic story, click here. After finalizing the purchase, the next step was to … Continue reading

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Building a Bodega on the Ridge at Suenos – Part 2

In part 2 of the bodega construction process the floor is poured and the roof is on. If you want to refresh your memory with the purpose of this building and our strategy for building it, click here to read the … Continue reading

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New Ocean View Eco Community in Northern Nicaragua

It’s been brewing for a while and now we’re going for it. We’re planning an eco-friendly community on an amazing piece of land consisting of two ridges, a hilltop, and valley situated behind a bay with great waves and a … Continue reading

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Building in Nicaragua – Eucalyptus Plantation and Roof Assembly Video

The video footage of the Eucalyptus plantation experience and the start of the roof assembly.

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Building a Cabana in Nicaragua – Eucalyptus posts

Lately our home base has been a thatched roof cabana at El Coco Loco, the Eco-hotel where we run our women’s surf and yoga retreats. Since the guys at Coco Loco have been letting us crash there in between retreats, … Continue reading

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Cheap Land in Klamath Falls

“There’s the price of your lot, and then there’s the price of your well….” Gary Gardiner, the mustached realtor whose name adorned the most for sale signs in the area broke the news to us that $5k for 2.5 beautifully … Continue reading

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Backside Boomers

On a big day with lots of waves going Boom! I pulled into a few rights and got absolutely smashed trying to sneak under the lip and come out of the biggest one. camera: http://www.gopro.com music: http://www.motherhips.com Want to buy … Continue reading

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Land Hunters Lost in the Jungle

We are constantly on the hunt for good land for sale. When a too-good-to-be-true ad for a big piece of cheap land led us down ever-narrowing roads, we got out and started walking, admiring the plant life along the way.

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