New Ocean View Eco Community in Northern Nicaragua

It’s been brewing for a while and now we’re going for it. We’re planning an eco-friendly community on an amazing piece of land consisting of two ridges, a hilltop, and valley situated behind a bay with great waves and a beautiful beach within easy walking distance.

There’s an estuary on one side of the bay and rocky points framing a wide sandy beach. The area is quiet, rural agricultural, and undeveloped, with a few local villages, several restaurants, and up-and-coming hip hotels to hang out at. Almost all of the 20 or so ½ acre lots have sea views from a slightly elevated ridge capturing cool breezes, plus plenty of green space for privacy and to maintain the natural beauty.

The caretaker Adan, plus Holly, Steve, and Kim

We (Holly and Kim) are leading the project and partnering with Steve, the current owner, to get the lots and community designed and done right. The area has so much going for it and this piece of land is the most beautiful around (we’ve seen them all). We are psyched to get the lot map finalized, finish planning the water and power system and start building our own eco-pad on the front ridge with killer surf views!! We’re hoping to build with bamboo, local plantation wood, and palm thatch, have a composting toilet, grey water filtering system and organic garden.

Kim with machete, and Steve with 100m tape, measuring out lots.

We’ve got a few friends who are interested in joining in and we’ll be showing more around starting in November. If you are into the eco, low impact philosophy and want to check out a way to own land and build a house in an awesome country that is friendly and affordable, then let us know. Shoot us an e-mail and plan a trip down to check it out. or

Fun waves right out front

Quiet, empty beaches

Beautiful, friendly people

For more info…. or

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7 Responses to New Ocean View Eco Community in Northern Nicaragua

  1. Mark Maither says:

    Aloha, My wife Maria and I have been very inspired with your efforts in building an Eco friendly community. This is truley a direction the planet needs to take. We have been travely extensively throughout the planet with our two kids in an effort to show them a broader scope of the world. We have always dreamed of living a lifestyle in which you guys are actaully following through with. We Currently reside in Maui Hawaii and recently were living on a 10000acre organic farm in Australia. Our son 15 competes in surfing so traveling around weve been able to “kill to birds with one stone”. Our 11 yr old daghter loves horses and very much enjoyed the photos of Holly riding on the beaches in Nica. We have never met you guys but I have Holly on as a F.B friend or fan. If you could give us some more info regarding the land your developing we would be very interested since we’ve been looking for some land in Nicaragua. We were orinally looking down south but we love your visions and what you guys are doing. Thank you for your time. Mark and Maria Maither.

  2. I love your ideas, the area, etc. Very interested. Keep up the great job.
    Peace!!! Sergio

  3. jamil sheppard says:

    Miss you guys, and can’t wait to hear about the updates!

  4. Jacek says:

    Hello Becky and Kim. This place is very intriguing. Where exactly is this? We have lived in 4 different countries with the last one Canada, currently in the Vancouver,BC area. I speak fairly good Spanish and have been thinking to move to Central America in a few years. Nicaragua seems to have been very safe for the last 20 years. Could I come and visit you?

  5. Jordy Young says:

    Aloha Kim and Holly,
    I am interested in finding out more about your endeavor. I have lived most of my life in Hawaii, the remote Puna area of Big Island. I have a botany (ethno-botany) degree from UH Manoa and have spent many years teaching perma-culture throughout Hawaii. I recently inherited some money and am looking to invest. This sounds really interesting. I have a lot of friends who have traveled to Nicaragua and loved it.

    I’m wondering if this is around the Nahualapa area? If not, can you give me a better idea where it is. What is the elevation? Rainfall? Soil quality? What direction does the land face? This might seem like a strange question, but coming from the Big Island and living very close to Kilauea volcano, I am wondering about the volcanic activity in the area. I know there are several active in the country.

    Lastly, what prices are you looking at? Lot size, fresh water available?
    Mahalo for any additional info you might be able to pass along.

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