Sneak Peak At our New House

IMG_20140727_150313I can hardly believe it, but the house is nearly complete. Way back in February our contractor promised to have it finished by the end of July, but as anyone who has ever built in Nicaragua (or anywhere else in the world) knows, a better estimate is to take whatever they say and add at least 2-3 months.

The walls always grow rapidly and give a false sense of fast progress. The roof took a little longer. There were a few delays with getting the materials, and figuring out how to put the new design together. Then came the smooth concrete layer or repello inside and out, that did seem to take forever! Finally they were laying tile, painting, and installing light fixtures right on schedule. I watched with joy and building excitement as each piece was put into place.

It’s now August 1st and the house is 99% finished. All that’s left are a few details, some of which won’t actually be completed for a few more months. But the plan is to move in this weekend and I couldn’t be more ecstatic!

Once we move in we’ll do a video tour, but for now here are a few quick looks at some of the details. IMG_20140727_150337 IMG_20140727_150412 IMG_20140727_150449 IMG_20140728_181413 IMG_20140729_091436

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2 Responses to Sneak Peak At our New House

  1. Pepe Turcon says:

    Lovely!! If I may…about how much is that, ball park, please?

  2. Ant says:

    Stone entrance is awesome…Enjoy your spot!

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