Steve and Danika Choose Their Lot

Steven and Danika Thomas lived in Nicaragua for several years and invested in a large piece of property over-looking the bay they liked to surf. They formed the dream of one day building a home on the hilltop and being able to walk with their kids down to the beautiful beach below. When Danika’s job was transferred back to the States they realized that they’d need some help to get their project going and it might be nice to have a few neighbors.

They partnered with Kim and Holly and have been working hard over the past year to design a plan for a project that will make their dreams a reality. They envision a small community with about 16 lots on 19 acres to be populated with like-minded neighbors.
It’s been a long process and there is still a lot of work ahead but much progress has been made. Lot boundaries have been set and we are just waiting for the final survey to be completed and registered, while setting prices, and completing the HOA and CC&R documents.

Since Steve and Danika are the original owners of the property they came down to approve the lot lines and choose their lot. After spending a couple of days pacing, measuring, and envisioning building sites, they marked out their lot and can now start dreaming up a home a design.

Who’s next? For more information contact Kim Obermeyer

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1 Response to Steve and Danika Choose Their Lot

  1. Patricia says:

    do you still have lots availables?? how much and how big???? could you answer me back on my email thank you

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