A Tiny House in Hopland

Camping in Southern Oregon

On our standard tri-yearly drive between Oregon and LA we finally stopped in the deliciously named Hopland to check out the Real Goods Solar Living Institute.
The Tiny House was obviously appealing – a micro home on a trailer built with recycled materials including a recycled solar panel desk. We liked the size, the feel of the wood, and the fact that it even had an indoor shower and composting toilet.

The shower and toilet were in a little cubby closet with a shower curtain separating them and just enough space for one person to stand. I want to incorporate something similar in our next house but with a bit more space in between.

We explored the Grow-through cars.  Pictured on the sign is that famous redwood in Jenner with a tunnel running through it’s enormous trunk, big enough to drive a car through. We haven’t done it but my buddy Cheyne claimed it was something I have to do. It does sound cool, but for the most part I agree with the sign.

Recently we’ve been excited about duck eggs. Some friends have pairs of backyard ducks and chickens and say the duck eggs are better for baking and a different consistency to eggs from chickens. On a walk round the pond Kim found a duck egg on the path. We then found about half a dozen either sitting right next to the pond or floating along the bank. Where were the duck egg harvesters? Were the eggs rotten? Why were there so many just sitting or floating there? We couldn’t resist grabbing one and it sat in the center console of the new truck for a few days.

When in Petaluma, bring your dog to the Lagunitas Brewery for a mason jar of A Little Sumpin’ Wild, our new favorite. Awesome picnic table atmosphere with furry friends giving out free cuddles and since it happened to be the CEO’s birthday, we walked out with a couple hoppy 22’s and a pair of logo’d jars. Awesome!

awesome dessert at Namu

In San Francisco we hooked up with Alex Fang from Surf For Life who gave us the super tour of the city, starting with a scrambled duck egg (I couldn’t taste any difference). Offshore Quintara St. Ocean Beach session, goods from the market on Noriega, a brisk walk to the Arrow stage at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival for Hot Buttered Rum and The Mother Hips, high-fiving amigos including OB shredder Andy Olive, dinner at the hip tasty Namu, and a strong groovy caffeine hit from Trouble Coffee. We left our precious Hopland duck egg for Alex in thanks.

Two more back of the truck renegade sleeping missions then down to Palos Verdes, CA, a hot shower, and cozy bed.

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5 Responses to A Tiny House in Hopland

  1. ericagott says:

    Love the tiny house! Duck eggs, yum. I had them in Ireland this spring. They don’t really taste any different from chicken eggs, but the yolks are HUGE! The yolks dwarf the white, which I love.

    I once saw an exhibit of a redwood that had been cut and converted into a tiny house (this was around 1968). I’d love to see the redwood forest and drive thru that tree, but really like the idea of the grow-thru car. Unique!

  2. meloearth says:

    Was that tiny house @ Real Goods? Is it occupied or being sold? Thanks for any info…I want one!

  3. meloearth says:

    Ugh, did my comment go or got deleted? I was asking if the tiny house was for sale at Real Goods. Thanks for any info…I want one of those!!

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