Framing the Octagon Window

Designing the window placement was a fun experience that involved measuring, re-measuring, and measuring again, then erasing, measuring, and changing the dimensions multiple times. Our friendly red-headed framer was smilingly patient as we changed our minds back and forth. Right now there are windows on three sides with the North-Western wall window-free since it gets the most hot afternoon sun. We may end up adding some light penetration on this wall in the future.

Outside the cabana is the surfboard storage area that will be enclosed with chain-link fencing under a tin roof. This was the cheapest solution to external secure board storage.

Two new dogs have been added to the Coco Loco pack lately. Ardilla is the good looking 2 year old female on the left who moved over from her previous home near Chancletas and Osita is the cute little puppy. Rocco is the surfing Rottweiler. Check out a video of him surfing here.

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1 Response to Framing the Octagon Window

  1. Thomas Hardy says:

    WOW! I’m so impressed and happy for you guys! Looks like a Holly House with Kim feasibility & design. Awesome!

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