Building in Nicaragua – Concrete Floor, Tile, and Wood Dilemmas

Building in Nicaragua is both much easier and much more difficult than it would be in the States. This project in particular is easier than most since we’re building on Coco Loco property with full access to power (except when it goes out) and water, and we don’t have to worry about any sort of permits. We’ve got two teams of guys eager to get to work, but they can’t work without materials and accessing those can be a problem. Watch the video above for my rant about a few little mishaps that cost us some time.

The tile is in and the dogs are loving it!

The lightly planed pine (that was supposed to be double planed!)

While the construction was going on, we were busy entertaining lady surfers during a Suave Dulce surf yoga adventure retreat

Hanging out with the kids with the non-profit Waves of Hope

At this point we’ve only spent $1,867

As for money, at this point with the roof and floor installed we’ve only spent $1,867!

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