Rio Muchacho Organic Farm Tour

Holly Beck and Kim Obermeyer tour the Rio Muchacho Organic Farm in Ecuador, milking cows to make cheese, carving mate bowls, climbing huge trees, and checking out the bamboo structures.

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  1. Otha Woskobojnik says:

    magine a world where organic farming is the leading form of agriculture. A world where everyone-from all income levels and geographic locations-has access to food grown without chemical pesticides and fertilizers that have been linked to myriad diseases and disorders. A world where instead of just a few agribusinesses getting rich off selling chemicals and chemically grown food, farmers thrive economically while they also help improve the health of our fragile ecosystem. Where the need for millions of pounds of toxins is eliminated keeping them from entering our water, air and soil. A world where agriculture and nature exist in harmony providing healthier food for everyone.;

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