Rancho Supremo

Currently in construction:

Dan and Evan partnered on a small lot close to the beach at Brisas and came to me with a few thoughts about what they wanted to build.  They wanted it to be mainly open-air but still have space that was secure and lockable.  They liked the traditional Nicaraguan Ranchos, large open air pavilions with high palm-thatch roof.  So, I designed a simple open floor plan rancho with modern U-shaped kitchen and bar that flowed into ample space for dining and living; two wings form the bedrooms with a metal roof lined with decorative caña (related to bamboo and looks similar) and bubble foil insulation because they may want to add air conditioning for “our friends’ girlfriends” when they come to visit.


We left space next to the entry for a teak deck that leads to an attached pool (phase II).  The bedrooms will have double doors to open onto the common area and the walls along with the kitchen back wall enclose about half the rancho, the rest being open to allow the cooling onshore sea breezes to sweep through.  We are doing this project piece by piece as the lads save up funds.  Its looking good so far.

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