The Butterfly House – A One Bedroom Casita on a Budget

We became friends with Marilyn when she came down for a Surf with Amigas retreat a couple years ago and Kim agreed to design and build a small simple 1 bedroom casita on Marilyn’s sea view lot at Seascape Terrace.  After many iterations  of design and trying to fit it to a tight budget, we settled on this 620 square foot casita with an open floor plan living/dining/kitchen, one bedroom, one bathroom and an 8′ wide front porch with bi-fold doors.  The high ceilings with a triple layer roof and wide front openings and ample openings all around keep the place cool and breezy and its got an amazingly big feel for a small place.

Pics show various stages of construction, Mike choosing a toilet in SINSA, decorative ironwork, polished cement, cana-lined roof and below, their first party!  Congratulations Marilyn and Mike!  They have decided to finish it poco-a-poco with window coverings, paint, etc. when they can but have made it nice a livable already.

mccart warming party

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1 Response to The Butterfly House – A One Bedroom Casita on a Budget

  1. Gerald Obermeyer says:

    Hi guys,

    Great plan and construction, lots of eco- and human empathy here! A marvelous approach to life: build friendships and then build their houses, while building your own family. You make us happy.

    love, Poppi

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