Settling Into the New House


It’s been about 3 months and we’re loving our new home at Brisas Del Alma. We’re still very busy settling in, putting finishing touches on the house (building shelves to store all our stuff mostly), and embracing our new lifestyle. It feels so good! Here are a few quick pics I snapped the other day to give you a taste.

fiery sunrise Gorgeous sunrise volcano view. lobo bodega

Lobo waits patiently to head to the walk to surfWalking from stretch

Kim stretches it out before paddling backside cuttykim drop inkim cuttykim tube tuck

A small but super fun day!sweet left

for info on how to buy a lot and be our neighbor, check out brisasnicaragua.comvolcano viewto

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1 Response to Settling Into the New House

  1. Gerald Obermeyer says:

    Many thanks to photographer and guy on the board! Do they make baby boards?

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