Teak Post and Concrete Block Bodega

We have begun building up on the ridge! First project – a place to store our tools, saddles, surfboards, wheelbarrow, and the building supplies that we’ll need to collect when we’re ready to start building the actual house. The name for this sort of building is a bodega.

We wanted it to be as cheap as possible, while achieving the main job of storing valuable tools safely. We decided on an 5.5m x 4.5m storage area enclosed with concrete blocks. We are using teak posts because they are more effective against water damage and termite infestations than eucalyptus and since our roof is lightweight we don’t really need steel columns. Luckily we have a friend with a teak plantation that gave us a great price.

Outside the bodega is a concrete floored, open air work space that is 7.5m x 5.5m. We wanted it long enough to cure and dry long culms of bamboo and the wood that we’ll use for the house.

After getting a few bids on the job, we chose to work with a local team of builders who seem to be really sweet and very competent guys. We told them that we only had 10 days before leaving for El Salvador and wanted to get as much done as possible. They’ve been working so hard it’s amazing, and while they won’t totally finish it before we have to leave, we’re really impressed what they’ve been able to get done.

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1 Response to Teak Post and Concrete Block Bodega

  1. Erin Fisher says:

    So awesome. Can’t wait to see your finished home and everything. Still hope to make it out there someday. Will you be in El Sal for your bday? xo

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