Tiny House with Bamboo Construction on the Osa Peninsula

On a trip to the Osa Peninsula last year we looked up someone called “Super Steve” who we were told was building some beautiful things with bamboo. Despite the fact that we showed up out of nowhere, Super Steve aka Steve Jurries invited us in and gave us a tour of his property which included several bamboo structures including the little house pictured here. Steve’s partner Mariela Garcia is a bamboo architect and she designed the houses using Guadua Bamboo, the ideal type of bamboo for building.

After visiting Steve’s place we were fired up on building with bamboo, but locating Guadua for sale in Nicaragua has so far been a challenge.

For more info on bamboo building, check out Guadua Bamboo

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4 Responses to Tiny House with Bamboo Construction on the Osa Peninsula

  1. Hola Holly,
    Contact our architect, Pepe Tercero.
    Jose tercero
    We were looking into bamboo for Selva Del Mar and Pepe found a guadua grower in Nicaragua. If you go back a couple years on our blog, you’ll find some pics of the area where it is grown, as well as some bamboo designs by Pepe and his students.

  2. nice, check out this dude that bult a house in a tree in Whistler Blackcomb. Not bamboo but made with snowy love šŸ™‚ http://news.nationalpost.com/2012/04/25/whistler-tree-house-joel-allen/

  3. We are building with bamboo and concrete block in the Philippines. I love the aesthetic. Similar in style but different techniques. My issue is usually maintenance. How long does the thatch roof last in your environment?

    Do you have termite problems?

  4. Stanford Lynx says:

    I am a deep lover of bamboo, (bambu), and have been a member in The NW Chapter of the American Bamboo Society., and I was the former moderator of its online newsgroup for a few years. many people world-wide share in the love of bamboo. I need to spend more time looking at your site; I was in the middle of a couple of things. I want to spend some time to look closely.

    I just chanced onto your site, Beautiful.I
    I shared the URL of your site to a group of people of: OGF based in Oregon, USA

    Thank you for sharing.
    riverlynx — Stanford

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