Eco Friendly Fire Ant Killer

Fire ants suck! They’re just like regular ants except they swarm, bite, and then leave a painful itchy reminder for hours – usually all over your feet and ankles. I dislike mosquitoes but I hate fire ants.

Even though I hate the fire ants, I still don’t want to spray poison all over the place. We searched the internet for suggestions for an eco-friendly solution and didn’t come up with much. Baking Soda does deter them. Dousing a nest with baking soda scattered the ants causing them to move elsewhere, but they would usually just move their nest a few feet away and start over again. We tried to keep them out of our cabana by spreading a line of baking soda in front of the door, which works fine until you need to sweep the porch and end up sweeping away the soda as well.

My mom saw an ad on TV for eucalyptus oil and since she knows i’m often in need of bug repellant and don’t like DEET, she bought me a big bottle of it. Then the other day when faced with a particularly nasty swarm of fire ants on the porch, we pulled out the eucalyptus oil, dumped about a cap full into a spray bottle filled with water, shook it up and started spraying. It had an immediate effect! The ants showed signs of distress and vacated their trail.

Of course, by the next day they had returned in a different location. I mixed up a more potent batch – using 2 – 3 cap fulls – and that was enough to actually kill the ants!

To kill fire ants with out poison, try eucalyptus oil! Plus it has the added bonus of smelling good!

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5 Responses to Eco Friendly Fire Ant Killer

  1. snoop says:

    Fight fire with fire! Burn them and their ant hill it should slow them down if not totally getting rid of the ants.

  2. Jacek says:

    Bravo Holly.
    Eucalyptus oil has its amazing scent and qualities.

  3. karincorbin says:

    borate powder

    as in powdered Borax laundry detergent booster. Sprinkle the dry powder on the trail, ants walk on it and die. Sprinkle it on the nest entry, no more nest. Won’t hurt your pets.

    Mix it with water and spray onto wood surfaces to kill and prevent mold and mildew. Use in the laundry to get the mildew odor out of clothes and to help keep them from getting that way.

  4. Sharon says:

    I read somewhere that someone fought fire ants with fire ants. They dug a shovelful from one hill of ants and dumped it on another colony. i think they had to have the queen. They killed each other off. Sorry I don’t remember more.

    • kobermeyer says:

      It works with leaf cutter ants but I think only as a deterrent- one colony retreats if they sense soil from another colony.

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