Building with Bamboo – Making Esterilla

Esterilla is essentially flattened bamboo and can be used as flooring, wall paneling, and anything else where you need a strong flat material. In Ecuador we saw it used as walls in many local homes.

We happened to come across a few guys actually making the Esterilla and stopped to check it out. Click play below for a demonstration.

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4 Responses to Building with Bamboo – Making Esterilla

  1. love reading your blogs, always something new and cool!

  2. I love the videos. Good editing and nice music.

  3. megan power says:

    Hello Holly and Kim,

    Your site is so informative! I am actually a student at New School of Architecture in San Diego and working on a project that involves bamboo, in particular esterilla. Yet I can’t seem to find any stateside, all the bamboo products have those toxic glues and compounds. This is a bit of a long shot but do you know any body that might ship to the states? Thank you for your time and keep living the dream!


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