About us

Hip-E Habitat is a residential home design-build, construction management as well as residential community design and management company founded by Kim Obermeyer and Holly Beck who have been living, loving, and creating in Nicaragua since 2010 and Costa Rica since 2013.

suenos family group shot bbq pose

Holly and Kim Obermeyer on their land at Tierra Del Suenos, northern Nicaragua, 2012.

About Kim and Holly

kim portraitKim Obermeyer – Worked with his stepfather, environmental architect, Don Watson’s,  design-build company Earthrise in high school and college and continued to dabble in building cabins, bungalows and ecolodges in Alaska and Thailand before coming to Nicaragua in 2010.  Since then he has turned his lifelong interest in environmental design, green building and permaculture into a livelihood.  Holding an impressive list of places he’s called home, as a kid in Yemen, he then spent 10 years climbing mountains and chasing wildlife in Alaska, then ran coral reef conservation projects and founded an ecolodge in Thailand.  He has degrees in environmental economics (BS), environmental management (MS), and conservation biology (MS).  He’s built 11 homes in Nicaragua and is working on his first in Costa Rica.

Holly Beck Obermeyer – Entrepreneurial pro surfer, writer, and model with a passion for shark petting, guacamole making, barefoot skateboarding, and hollow wave riding. She will have the adventure, film it, edit the footage, and then get really excited to share it with you. She has recently transitioned into a more stable routine as the mother of Luna (born in 2014) and Soleo (to be born in September 2016). She has a Psychology degree from UCSD and an MBA in Marketing. In 2010 she founded and still runs Surf With Amigas women’s surf and yoga retreats. Holly also maintains the blog Salt Water Mama about living in Central America with little ones. You can find her on Instagram @salt_water_mama.

Their story
Their paths intersected for the first time in August of 2010, and they quickly left their old lives behind to create a new one together. Having spent a busy six months exploring the coasts of China, Oahu, California, Oregon, Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, Thailand, and Ecuador, they finally settled in a remote corner of Northern Nicaragua and began building their life together.

cababa dec


They started by building a small 18’x18′ thatch roof cabana on the property of a friend’s eco hotel, the original home of Holly’s Surf with Amigas women’s surf and yoga retreats.  Kim helped Holly start Surf with Amigas for the first couple years before concentrating on construction and managing their land.

suenos cabin colorNext, they bought a gorgeous 3/4 acre lot on a hill overlooking the surf spot where Holly’s retreat groups surf and began efforts to create a community called Tierra Del Sueno. So far they have put in a fence, planted trees, and built a workshop/cabin for storing materials.

xmas morning surf check


The next project was buying a concession beach lot (no easy feat itself) and then built a beach house to store the surfboards used during retreats and also as an escape from the sun on a long beach day.




Most recently, they bought a 3/4 acre lot walking distance to their favorite surf spot and built their current home on the lot at Brisas Del Alma . To read about its construction, click here.  The house was finished in August 2014.  Kim has since built or started six other houses at Brisas and in the area.

bare feet hand holding

Holly and Kim were married in March 2013 and brought the awesome Luna Suli Obermeyer into world on Kim’s birthday in September 2014.  She’s a frother just like her mama.Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 1.35.49 PM

Soleo came next 2 years later and is Kim’s mini-me.

Community Design and Management

Hip-E Habitat has managed the community of Tierra Del Sueno from it’s inception, and taken it from raw land to a community of 13 lots with water, power, and roads. Half of the lots have been sold with only two others currently for sale (the rest are being held by the owners for now).

They have also taken on an advisory and management role into two other developments in the area including Seascape and Brisas Del Alma.

After completing their house at Brisas in 2014, Kim began building for others in the area.  See his list of houses for more detail.

Thanks and see you around!

Kim, Holly, Luna and (soon to be born) Soleo

kim luna holly partytime


9 Responses to About us

  1. Victoria says:

    I think that its great what you guys are doing. I am also studying environmental management, I think its really beautiful. Once im done with school I plane on traveling South America, I live in Venezuela, you guys should come and visit as well… 🙂
    Have a great one!

  2. Jacek says:

    I would love to visit Venezuela but am scared of Chavez.

  3. Sonny Royal says:

    There needs to be more people like you in the world. Peace ~

  4. Just stumbled upon your blog. I’m really diggin’ it! I just got back from living in Costa and Nicaragua. Watching your videos makes me miss it hardcore!! I would love to settle down there too, but ran out of funds. What a life, the sun, the surf, the jungle, the people, best year of my life..

    If you ever need a helping hand around the camp, I’ll be on the next plane + bus(es) down there. Just give me a bed and a cold Tona at the end of day.. 🙂

  5. Andy says:

    Hi guys
    I just came to your page by chance.
    I like what you are doing (let me say I like the way you are doing it)! Didn’t read all the comments though.
    Can you give me a short update on who far you are with your project? I might be interested, because I think that this has to be the way who to bulid up places for the future (especially in development countries). Would be very nice if you could write me a mail with a few lines about it. I might be interested in a lot of you…

    Hope to hear from you soon 🙂

    Kind regards from Switzerland!

  6. awarenivore says:

    This truly looks like a dream come true – I want to know more about living the dream without having this ‘real job’ thing 🙂

  7. Cassie says:

    Awesome stuff! We are also a couple who live in the tropics (in Puerto Rico) and are doing a similar thing learning the culture, enjoying the ocean, fixing up our 4 acres of paradise by building, gardening, raising animals, etc. Great to see others out there living the dream! You can check out our blog at: http://www.lifetransplanet.com

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