More Monkeys, Better Schools. Investing in Southern Nicaragua

preggo lot coupleLife in Northern Nicaragua is mellow. Thus far there’s been very little development, at least as compared to Southern Nicaragua. Of course, things are changing. In the four years that we’ve been living here the number of hotels in our pocket of the North has doubled. There’s still really just one or two restaurants (depending on how you define restaurant). There’s nowhere you can go for a breakfast burrito or smoothie after a surf. And while the gringo community is growing little by little, it’s still really small. A party where everyone’s invited would not even reach 30 invitees. That’s the main reason we love the area. We like the quiet. We like the empty beaches and roads more populated by cows than 4×4 rentals stacked with surfboards. We don’t mind the midday onshore winds that blow out the surf but cool the afternoon porch-sitting sessions. We’re excited to finally complete our new house and move in (which should happen in the next couple of weeks).

howler 2 howler hang

Over New Years’ we did some surf guiding in the South and spent a week hanging out near Gigante. Kim was struck by the abundance of trees and monkeys and awed by the all-day offshore winds. There were a lot more dudes driving fast in rental trucks piled with surfboards, but there were also a lot more restaurants to choose from. On that trip we found out I was pregnant and were suddenly thinking about things like community, having other gringo kids around, and school options. We decided to invest in a lot in Southern Nicaragua with those factors in mind.

We found a lot for sale inside Hacienda Iguana for a reasonable price. We made an offer, and a few months later signed all the paperwork. We’ve officially added a 1/2 acre lot that touches a river, about 300m walk from one of the best waves in Nicaragua, and very close to a good school to our Nicaraguan real estate portfolio. We have friends with new babies in the area. The lot is shady with mature trees and makes for excellent monkey habitat. (The howler monkey portraits included above were shot on the lot.)

river river treesriver view  river plain


And while we haven’t even completed our current house project, Kim was already walking the lot, visualizing the construction site, and sketching potential house designs. “One house at a time, babe!”

kim paceskim building site

See below for a slideshow of me surfing the wave out front on an average day last year.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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3 Responses to More Monkeys, Better Schools. Investing in Southern Nicaragua

  1. Brian Norfolk says:

    How is your Hacienda Iguana project coming along?

    • hollybeck27 says:

      well we are actually selling our lot. we are just much more active in our place in northern nicaragua and decided it was time to sell down south.

      • Brian Norfolk says:

        For some reason, I feel drawn to the north, haven’t even been there yet… But, I am headed your way in February. I sent Kim an email and an FB message regarding my upcoming visit, and want to connect if it could work for you all. What is the best way to connect/coordinate? Thanks! B.

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