South Nicaragua for the New Year

mukul right

We live in Northern Nicaragua and don’t make it down to the South very often, so it was exciting to get a chance to cruise down for New Years to live it up in luxury land for a week. Hot water showers, multiple restaurants to choose from, and all-day offshore winds were a nice change from our normal daily life. It was actually technically a work trip, but the clients that we were hosting were a pair of super mellow French brothers who already knew how to surf. We were basically acting as their surf guides and cheering squad. Unfortunately, the waves were super small, but we still found a few fun ones.

holly bside cutty pangakim shred panga

In between surf sessions we toured the area and browsed the different developments. I was in awe of how many howler monkeys are hanging out down there.

IMG_0396 IMG_0385


We stayed at a casita located inside Redonda Bay which is connected to Aqua Wellness Resort. There’s no surf there in the bay, but it was great for swimming and spearfishing.


Our clients were staying at Mukul Resort, the newest luxury resort in the country. We were super impressed with the style and quality of the place. There is even a world class surf spot right out front, which unfortunately wasn’t working during our trip, but the beach break was pretty fun!



After a week of good times, we headed back north, loaded up the car at Price Smart (aka Costco), and cruised back to the beach house with some new gear.




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