Almond Flour Banana Granola Pancakes

pancakeWe’ve been going gluten-free these days. After a week’s experimentation I realized that I had more energy and just generally felt better. I’m not perfect though. It’s easy to switch out rice for pasta, but much harder to turn down a couple slices of homemade bread spread with butter and garlic.

In the US, there are plenty of gluten-free flours available but down here in Nicaragua it’s only cornmeal or good old-fashioned wheat. As a result, we’ve been making a lot of cornbread. But with my youngest sister Hayla coming down the week before Christmas we put in an order for a few things we can’t get down here like blue agave sweetener, tahini, and almond flour.

Then for a special Christmas morning treat, Kim made up a recipe for Almond Flour Banana Granola Pancakes which turned out to be incredibly delicious with just a light drizzle of maple syrup to slightly sweeten them. After breakfast I did laundry by hand, planted some tomato sprouts, and trimmed banana leaves without any of the normal post-pancake feelings of blood-sugar plummet. Awesome!


See below for our recipe:

Almond flour pancakes

1 ½ cups almond flour
2 eggs beaten
½ tsp baking soda
pinch of salt
2 tsp sugar
cinnamon to taste
½ cup of yogurt or enough to make a nice batter consistency
2 bananas mashed
½ cup of coco loco homemade granola (toasted nuts, raisins, shredded coconut, cacao)

pancake batter

mix it all together and pour into a pan to produce a perfect pancake – which in our mind is one big pancake that fills the whole pan!

There are fewer options for health food, but when you get to open a present like this a few days before Christmas, the sacrifices are worthwhile!

boom xmas

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