Simple Life at Home in Nicaragua

I’ve been in the States for two weeks and I’m getting desperate to be back home. After a year of living homeless, bouncing around from one available cabana to the next, sleeping in a tent, the back of our truck, friend’s houses, my parent’s house, it was so good to finally have a place to call home. Somewhere to unpack, put books on a shelf, cook whatever we wanted for dinner, sit on the porch quietly, watch seeds sprout.

For three weeks we planted, organized, built, and settled in. Then there were two back to back weeks of hosting new friends, pushing them into waves, taking rum shots, and eating at the hotel restaurant for women’s surf and yoga retreats.

Then I had to leave for the States to do some Hollywood film stunt-doubling and Hawaii-based Body Glove and Athleta bikini modeling.

There are a few good things about the US. You can buy just about anything you want. I’ve been shopping for things we can’t get in Nica – epoxy resin, tahini, exotic herb seeds – and enjoying good beer and mexican food. But I’m more than ready to return home. See below for photos of home including drift-wood sculptures, interior views, and native creatures.

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4 Responses to Simple Life at Home in Nicaragua

  1. Kathleen Ossiander says:

    Nice, I showed my husband that hut and he said, ” Wow that’s all I need!” Then I told him it comes with all those women in bikinis, and his reply was, ” Awe forget it, that’s way to much trouble”! Glad you found a place to call home Holly!

  2. jennifer hoffer says:

    Hi Holly….you do not know me but I am Kim’s cousin Jennifer…..thx for helping me keep and feel connected to him….everything looks great and I am so happy for you both!!!! It seems that not only has”Kimmy” (as I used to call him) found a perfect home in Nicaragua…but a perfect home in you…….I do love that boy!!!!!! much love to you both…. jen

  3. We are building with bamboo and concrete block in the Philippines. I love the aesthetic. Similar in style but different techniques. My issue is usually maintenance. How long does the thatch roof last in your environment?

    Do you have termite problems?

    • hollybeck27 says:

      hey robert,
      where are you located in the philippines? we are headed there in april and would love to check out what you’re doing. do you have photos of the construction online anywhere? please email me with link!
      to answer your question, the thatch roof lasts about 3-5 years depending on how tightly woven it is.
      termites can be a problem but we try to watch for their trails and cut them off before they get too far!
      : )

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