Trash Pickup in Baja with Save The Waves

Las Gaviotas is a luxurious gated community just south of Rosarito in Northern Baja that happens to feature a very rippable right point break. I don’t usually like staying at a place like this, preferring the tree house, back of the truck, thatch-roof cabana style of sleeping arrangement, but when you get a group of interesting surfers and musicians together and rent 4 houses within easy hooting distance to the friends in the lineup, it’s worth over-looking the gated gringolandia faults.

On Saturday afternoon we cruised into Rosarito to meet up with a local running coach who is helping to give the kids of the neighborhood something to do by forming an athletic club. They made a track in a big brown dusty valley full of wind-blown trash, tires, and a surprising amount of cast-off footwear. We showed up with a bunch of trash bags and set to cleaning house with the help of the kids.

Big happy group of Wave Huggers! To get your own shirt, check out

For more info on Save the Waves, check out:

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