The Meyerhoffer Pill Surfboard

We got to try out a Meyerhoffer Pill (5’8)  this weekend at Gaviotas in Baja and were psyched.  The wave there was a pretty mushy but closing-out right point and it can be hard (especially backside) to get ahead of it and also to paddle into it.  It was a pretty small day, waist t chest high, but the Pill was able to get into the waves easily.  Kim had ridden a bunch of different boards that weekend from long to short and in between, but it wasn’t till he got the Pill under his feet that he really got stoked. When Holly rode it she was feeling the nice loose tail and fast turning although the 5’8 was a bit big for her (how about a 5’4 Meyerhoffer?).  The board has some interesting design features including a pulled-in nose and tail, a thinned-out rail up front, and concave/spiral-V bottom contours.  The 5 fin box set-up is nice and we rode it as a quad- Kim really liked the way it felt and we’re excited to see how it feels in juicier waves.

We were talking about the design and look of this board (and the even more radical hour glass-shaped Meyerhoffer longboards), the rounded lines, sharp logo, and overall presentation, sort of a reinvented shortboard, and Kim compared it to an Apple product, an iBook or something.  “This is what you would get if Apple made a surfboard”.  We ended up checking out the Meyerhoffer website and sure enough, he used to work at Apple with Steve Jobs.

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