House Hunters in Humboldt – the Tweaker Mansion vs. the National Park

Homelessness is over-rated. Sure it’s nice for a little while – no rent, no mortgage, nothing keeping us in one place or another – but after a few months of staying at other people’s homes and constantly having to move our stuff around, we’ve started seriously craving a home of our own.

Since we have non-traditional jobs and travel addictions, our primary target for a home location is somewhere in Latin America. But we both want to also establish a base in the US. My (Holly) family is in Palos Verdes (a nice coastal town at the southern end of Los Angeles county), Kim’s is in Oregon, so we figured Northern California would probably be a good base. It’s close enough to both families, full of beautiful big trees, and best of all, it’s still affordable (unlike So Cal).

We drove the coast, starting in Seaside Oregon, looking for a large lot (1/2 acre minimum), near the ocean, with a fixer-upper that we could afford and turn into a project. One of the first candidates that we found we ended up calling the “Tweaker Mansion” which featured a fixer-upper on 2.5 acres for $259k.

Wavy porch

bonus: new-looking water heater!

nice kitchen setup, just needed a little cleaning

oh yeah, indoor jacuzzi! woo hoo!

flooded garage

the view of the large lot from the master bedroom's deck

Lawn furniture

Next stop on our House Hunting tour of Humboldt, another large lot fixer-upper.
This one was listed at $229k for a full three acres! It is so big we started calling it the “National Park”

moldy carpet

There was definitely potential, but we decided it might be a little too much work. The hunt continues…

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1 Response to House Hunters in Humboldt – the Tweaker Mansion vs. the National Park

  1. erin fisher says:

    so they are selling as is? all the crap inside? lol wow. it looks more like a ghost town! i cant wait to see what you do with it though. 🙂

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